“WSL Hawai‘i (formerly ASP Hawaii) and the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing have been pleased to join forces with Freesurf magazine and Manulele Inc media group on a variety of projects in recent years. “As we look ahead at our commitment to professional surfing, we continue to explore new ways to integrate Freesurf and Manulele Inc. “Their magazine has been an effective program partner for us during the Vans Triple Crown, and their team of writers, videographers and photographers has become an important partner for us in executing our event media operations in Hawai‘i.”

Jodi Wilmott
General Manager, WSL Hawaii



“The team at Freesurf has their finger on the pulse of Hawai‘i. The reach of the mag is impressive as it is available in strategic locations throughout the islands. Not doubt FS is the best way to reach many levels of the diverse surfing and ocean community in Hawai‘i.”

Adam Borrello, Director
International Licensing/Marketing



“Freesurf Magazine reaches surfers throughout all islands in Hawai‘i. It’s the magazine that our customers expect us to always have on hand. “A good print ad in Freesurf is lasting and will be seen over and over again. There’s something about a hardcopy print ad that makes it more powerful.”

Tim Mock
Retail General Manager, Local Motion



“Freesurf is the voice of the most important surfing region in the world. If it happened in Freesurf, you know it’s happening.”

Evan Slater
GM Brand Marketing, Hurley


“Freesurf is by far the most popular magazine in Jamba Juice shops, if not the entire state of Hawaii.”

Sherry Rigg
Marketing Director, Jamba Juice Hawaii

Advertising with Freesurf magazine has helped align the Kona Brewing Company with consumers, partners and visitors that value the Liquid Aloha Lifestyle. It’s more than business – it’s relationships, connectivity, and opportunities for mutually beneficial experiences and growth.”

Rebecca Villegas
Kona Marketing Manager, Kona Brewing Co.



“Hawai‘i is the birthplace of surfing. Nowadays, Hawai‘i is still the place where the limits are pushed and the boundaries are broken with it comes to surfing. Without Hawaii, the surf industry would not be where it is today and in order to be considered a legitimate brand in surfing, it is crucial to have a strong presence in Hawaii, and that is one of the many reasons we choose to advertise in Freesurf.”

Bradley Margol
Global Marketing Manager, Quiksilver



“Freesurf Magazine has always been the best way for us to reach the core surf customer in Hawai‘i, and since the magazines fly out of our stores each month we know that our ads are being seen by our customers. “We rely on Freesurf magazine and Freesurfmagazine.com to keep us informed about all of Hawai‘i’s surf news. Their North Shore base keeps them right in the thick of the action, living, eating and breathing Hawai‘i’s surf culture.”

Mitch McEwen
Brand Manager. Hawaiian Island Creations