Print Specifications

All materials due the 5th of every month 


Double Page

Full Page

Full Page Bleed

1/2 Page Vertical

1/2 Page V. Bleed

1/2 Page Horizontal

1/2 Page H. Bleed

1/4 Page

Surf Saver


16.75” x 10.875”

7.875” x 10.375”

8.375” x 10.875”

3.75” x 10.375”

4.125” x 10.875”

7.875” x 4.875”

8.375” x 5.35”

3.75” x 4.875”

3.75” x 1.5”


17.25” x 11.375” 

No Bleed

8.875” x 11.375”

No Bleed

4.625” x 11.375”

No Bleed

8.875” x 5.85”

No Bleed

No Bleed

Web Sizes

Horizontal banner

728 x 90px

Side Banner

300 x 250 px

Small Cube

125 x 125 px


1920 x 1080 px

Sending us your artwork

Clients can submit artwork in three electronic ways:


Please email your artwork to Files must be at least 240 dpi (300 is better) and no bigger than 25MB. Please title your subject line with company and issue date.


1. Orders non-cancellable after the 10th of each month.

2. All content subject to publisher’s approval.

3. Advertiser and agency assume liability for content of printed advertisements and assume responsibility for any claims made against the publisher.

4. Positioning of ads is at the discretion of the publisher except where specific guaranteed or preferred positions are covered contractually. Insertion orders specifying positioning will be accepted, but not guaranteed.

5. First-time advertisers must prepay first insertion and negotiate credit terms contingent upon credit approval.