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Freesurf Magazine’s social media channels share the stoke of Hawai`i surfing with the world at large. Through expert storytelling and production, Manulele Media documents and shares your business with our audience.

We grow your brand and sell your products via website links, Facebook tags, lnstagram tags, and swipe ups to direct links … all of which are tracked with detailed analytics.

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Sponsored Posts

We work with you to find already planned editorial to sponsor helping cultivate¬† brand awareness with editorial content relevant to our audience. Make our audience yours with Hawaii’s best surf content.

  • 100% publisher-produced content
  • Popular content tagged with your branding
  • Maximum impact without high production costs
  • Tags, product tags, and links to your content

Partner Content

Your content, our audience. Plug in and reach our audience with your message. Editorial or commercial.


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Custom Media

We produce, edit and deliver your production to social media for international use. Work with us directly to create something that makes traction.

  • Brand integration and client approval
  • Key product and messaging placement
  • Final media available for use almost anywhere.


By Age
18-24 13.7%
25-34 28.27%
35-44 29.03%
45-54 17.09%
55-65 18.9%
65+ 2.77%

Female 28.1%
Male 71.9%

By Location
1. United States 60.05%
2. Brazil 6.02%
3. Australia 5.89%
4. France 2.60%
5. South Africa 2.33%
6. Canada 2.09%
7. Japan 2.02%
8. Spain 1.61%
9. Portugal 1.36%
10. UK 1.32%